The Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation is a registered and self-funded charity which has as its object, the advancing, promoting and encouraging of medical research in Australia.


Prof Simon Koblar
University of Adelaide
“Adult human dental pulp stem cell therapy for chronic stroke.”

Dr Kyle Upton
Mater Research
“Using single cell sequencing to define the prevalence and effect of retrotransposon induced insertional mutagenesis in the brain.”

Prof Phillip J. Robinson
Children’s Medical Research Institute
“Building new synaptic vesicles in nerve terminals.”

Dr Marcel Batten
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Understanding how novel MS-associated genes influence disease susceptibility.”

Dr Gabrielle Callander
The University of Melbourne
“Anti-epileptic drugs targeting AMPA receptors.”

Prof John Mattick
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Modulation of gene expression in human neurons derived from patients.”

Dr Margaret Jordan
James Cook University
“Causes of multiple sclerosis: A functional genomics approach.”

Prof Cheryl Jones
The University of Sydney and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
“Discovering the infectious causes of unknown Encephalitis cases using genomic approaches: the DICE study .”

Dr Nicholas Cole
Macquarie University
“Developing a model of the newly discovered and most common form of genetically inherited form of human Motor Neuron Disease (MND), C9ORF72, using zebrafish.”

Dr Andrea Abdipranoto Cole
The Garvan Institute
“The therapeutic potential of blockers of inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Prof Steven Collins
The University of Melbourne
“Asssessing the acute in vivo neurotoxicity of misfolded, disease-associated prion protein species (PrPSc) underpinning prion disease.”

Dr Lezanne Ooi
University of Wollongong
“A novel method to investigate the susceptibility to cellular stress in cells from Alzheimer’s disease patients.”

Dr Julie Wheway
University of Sydney
“Characterizing plasma microparticle content in multiple sclerosis patients.”

Dr Caroline Moul
University of New South Wales
“Two sides of the same coin: utilising evidence from psychopathy research to improve our understanding of the genetic and behavioural bases of anxiety disorders.”

Mr Steven Turner
Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)
“Understanding the genetic contributors towards Cerebral Palsy.”

Dr Scott Kim
Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)
“Defining the lipid dystrophy pathway in multiple system atrophy.”

Dr Connie Wong
Monash University
“Brain-immunity axis in stroke.”


Prof Tailoi Chan-Ling
University of Sydney
“CNS Inflammation& Bone Marrow Neuropathy in Diabetes.”

A/Prof Susan McLennan
University of Sydney
“Circulating monocyte phenotype: is it altered in association with the development of diabetic complications?”

Prof Bernie Tuch
CSIRO Materials Science Engineering
“Diabetes stem cell project & oxygenation.”

Dr Zane Andrews
Monash University
“Genetic dissection of how the brain controls appetite.”

Prof Ann Simpson
University of Technology Sydney
“Reversal of diabetes using engineered bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells.”

A/Prof Maria Craig
Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
“A novel in vivo model for investigating the role of enteroviruses in type 1 diabetes.”

A/Prof Mark Gorrell
Centenary Institute
“Protease therapies for diabetes-associated liver disease.”

A/Prof Amanda Salis
The University of Sydney, Boden Institute
“Gold-standard assessment of energy expenditure and aerobic fitness during interventions to prevent diabetes.”


Prof Derek Hart
ANZAC Research Institute
“Low Side Effect Therapy For Malignancies In The Elderly.”

A/Prof Hala Zreiqat
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Unit, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and University of Sydney
“Engineering strategies for bone regeneration through microstructural design.”

A/Prof Xiao-Jun Du
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute
“Evaluation of therapeutic interventions by determining regional dysfunction of the aged heart.”

Dr Michael O’Callaghan
University of Adelaide and SA Health
“Is PSA velocity is a useful biomarker in older men?”


Dr Malcolm Starkey
Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle
“Identification of novel therapeutic targets for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.”

A/Prof Janette Burgess
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
“Using Electric Cell-substrate Impedance to explore the regulation of angiogenesis in asthma.”

Prof Warwick Britton
Centenary Institute
“Understanding Cellular Immune Responses to M. tuberculosis Infection.”


Dr Kylie Tucker
University of Queensland
“Insight into the motor adaptation to musculoskeletal pain.”

Prof Mark Cooper
ANZAC Research Institute
“Role of hypothalamic glucocorticoid sensitivity in the development and severity of inflammatory arthritis.”


Prof Paul McMenamin
Monash University
“The effects of age on the immune system in the eye.”

Dr Dario Protti
The University of Sydney
“Understanding retinal ganglion cell function in glaucoma.”

Prof Stuart Graham
Macquarie University
“Dynamic Characteristics of Retinal Vessels in Diabetes: In-Vivo Investigation in a Mouse Model.”

Dr Andrew Woolley
University of New South Wales
“Imaging cell excitation in the eye: towards effective treatment of eye disorders.”