The Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation is a registered and self-funded charity which has as its object, the advancing, promoting and encouraging of medical research in Australia.


Prof Vasso Apostolopoulos
College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University
“Vitamin B and effects on Depression.”

Prof Bernhard T. Baune
University of Adelaide
“A centralised Neuropsychiatric Biobank and Disease Marker Centre.”

Assoc. Prof Thomas Burne
Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
“Reverse translation of cognitive tasks for animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders.”

Prof Jens Coorssen
UWS Molecular Medicine Research Group
“The Multi-Spectral Proteome Imager: driving the next generation of top-down Proteomic analyses.”

Dr Heather Francis
University of New South Wales
“Transcranial direct current stimulation to enhance working memory in severe traumatic brain injury.”

Dr Erika Gyengesi
University of Western Sydney
“The role of chronic neuroinflammation in cognitive decline and neurodegeneration – an opportunity for therapeutic intervention.”

Assoc. Prof Andreas Hofmann
Structural Chemistry Program, Eskitis Institute, Griffith University
“Determining protein crystal structures to establish protein structure-function relationships and unravel the molecular basis of disease.”

Prof Dan Lubman
Monash University and Turning Point
“Sleep and wake states in sedative users: Objective measurement outside the laboratory.”

Dr Julia Muenchhoff
University of Western Sydney
“Apolipoprotein levels and post-translational modifications as blood biomarkers for early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr Jess Nithianantharajah
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne
“Neuroligin 3 in cognitive dysfunction and Autism”

Dr Matthew Pase
Swinburne University of Technology
“Understanding cognitive dysfunction following Transient Ischemic Attack (“mini-stroke”).”

Assoc. Prof Jennifer Rodger
University of Western Australia
“Using non invasive brain stimulation to treat depression.”

Assoc. Prof Elizabeth Scarr
University of Melbourne
“Identifying and understanding the changes in brain chemistry associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.”

Dr Dan Siskind
Centre for Mental Health Research
“Novel pharmacological treatments for obesity and diabetes for people with schizophrenia managed on clozapine.”

Dr Rodrigo Suarez
Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
“The role of neural activity in early postnatal wiring of interhemispheric cortical circuits.”

Dr Chris Tailby
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne
“Disruption of the ability to simulate one’s personal future: insights from epilepsy and implications for neurosurgical planning and presurgical counselling.”

Assoc. Prof Paul Tooney
The University of Newcastle
“Electrophysiology rig for the study of schizophrenia-related changes in white matter neurons after maternal infection.”

Assoc. Prof Paul Kenneth Witting
Charles Perkins Centre; The University of Sydney
“A role for neuroglobin in protecting neuronal cells in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Assoc. Prof Trent Woodruff
University of Queensland
“Therapeutic targeting of inflammation in Parkinson’s disease.”


Prof Ann Simpson
University of Technology Sydney, Centre for Health Technologies
“Quantitative analysis of pancreatic transdiffereniation of Human liver cells.”

Prof Moira O’Bryan
Monash University, Dept. Anatomy and Developmental Biology
“A novel cause of premature ovarian failure.”

Prof Greg Barritt
Flinders University: Flinders Medical Science and Technology
“Intracellular calcium, liver steatosis and insulin resistance.”

Dr Jatin Patel
The University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research
“Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging (LDPI) of revascularisation sites following vascular stem cell therapy.”

Assoc. Prof Mark Gorrell
Centenary Institute
“Novel therapy approaches for diabetes and its liver and heart complications.”

Dr Stuart Mannering
St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research
“The SVI Living Biobank: Developing new therapies for type 1 diabetes.”

Assoc. Prof Susan McLennan
Bosch Institute/University of Sydney
“Fragment analyzer for the open access, multi-disciplinary Bosch Molecular Biology Facility.”

Prof David James
Charles Perkins Centre
“Mitochondria as a key node of metabolic disease.”

Prof Anthony Keech
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, The University of Sydney
“A well characterized biobank of individuals with type 2 diabetes.”

Assoc. Prof Vance Matthews
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
“ADAM19 and ADAM28: New targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

Assoc. Prof Maria Craig
School of Women’s and Children’s Health, University of New South Wales
“Exploring the evolution of enteroviruses in type 1 diabetes.”


Prof Derek Hart
ANZAC Research Institute
“Novel specific anti-CD83 immunosuppressive agents for the treatment of Graft verses Host Disease.”

Prof Hala Zreiqat
University of Sydney
“Using 3D printing technology to regenerate human bone.”

Prof Rosetta Martiniello-Wilks
Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney
“Molecular imaging advancing stem cell-based gene therapy for Osteoporosis and Bone Fracture Regeneration.”


Assoc. Prof Steven Bozinovski
The University of Melbourne
“Measuring small airway dysfunction in chronic lung diseases.”

Prof Paul Thomas
Prince of Wales Hospital
“Monitoring lung disease in sarcoidosis.”

Assoc. Prof David Reid
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
“Understanding the impact of abnormal iron homeostasis on lung disease in cystic fibrosis.”

Prof Joerg Mattes
Hunter Medical Research Institute
“Lung-function in early life for children at high asthma risk.”

Assoc. Prof Richard Payne
The University of Sydney
“Automated purification platform for accelerated tuberculosis drug discovery.”

Prof Warwick Britton
Centenary Institute
“Inhalational delivery system for delivery of drugs to treat lung infections with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.”

Dr Michael Fricker
Hunter Medical Research Institute
“Determining the role of necroptosis in the pathogenesis of COPD.”


Dr James Harris
Monash Medical Centre, Monash University
“New Therapeutic Targets in Rheumatological Diseases.”

Prof Tania Winzenberg
Menzies Research Institute Tasmania
“Clinical and metabolic factors and imaging abnormalities in chronic plantar heel pain.”


Prof Frank Lovicu
The University of Sydney
“Preventing Blindness: Regulation of TGFß-induced Cataract.”

Dr Charles Cranfield
School of Medical and Molecular Biosciences, University of Technology Sydney
“The controlled capacitively coupled retinal biointerface.”

Assoc. Prof Nuri Gueven
University of Tasmania
“Novel short-chain quinones against inherited blindness.”

Dr Laura Downie
University of Melbourne
“Characterisation of the anterior eye inflammatory response in dry eye disease.”

Prof Justine Smith
Flinders University
“Entry route of toxoplasma into human retina.”

Dr Holly Chinnery
University of Melbourne
“Monitoring and therapeutic targeting of macrophage activation during chronic corneal inflammation.”